Earn Ruble - Great Projects!

Earn 1 to 10 Rubles Daily Free From Verified & Paying Projects.
There are more than 100 projects in this list. So, You can easily earn 100*10=1000 Rubles in one sitting.

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Please Strictly Follow The Rules For Big Benefit.

1. Do not invest all your money in single project.
2. Diversify your contributions. It is safe method forever.
3. If you've 10,000 Rubles to invest, then invest 100 Rubles in each project.
4. Top up not more than 100 rubles at a time. Increase by 100 Rubles.
5. Do not invest more than 1000 Rubles in any project.
6. If you follow the rules, passive income will be 100 to 1000 Rubles daily.
7. You can also get profits without investing.

Please note that, we are using our own funds to invest in these sites.
Only reliable, paying and verified sites are listed here. These sites are really making us profit.

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